After you install the subway entrance Zombies 3D game options menu click on START GAME button. When you first start the game you will encounter zombies directly from the metro station, there is no weapon in your hand.

Use the station to find weapons of zombie weapons, or their absence Find ways rapidly progressive hidden places. Need to press the TAB key to pick up where you found the gun.

There are many different weapons in the game you want to use the model where you can press the number keys 1-9 to change weapon. Weapon, ammunition, and the zombies are also necessary for the damages caused to you due to the wounds again, pressing the TAB key to resolve the health packs you can get anywhere.

Mouse – Shoot
WASD – Movement Keys
shift – Fast Running
space – Jumping
C – Bending
R – Shell Filling
1 – 1 Shooting
2 – 2 Shooting
3 – 3 Shooting
4 – 4 Shooting




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